GloTran™ Automated Disinfection System



GloTran™ is an automated disinfection system based on hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology. It is a unique surface disinfector that can be applied to equipment and materials in a variety of medical and industrial settings.

Hospital-Acquired Infections

Hospital-acquired infections (also called healthcare-associated infections, or HAIs) are the infections that a patient can contract while being treated in a healthcare facility. HAIs present a significant threat to patient safety in hospitals and cause approximately 100,000 deaths (14% of all hospital deaths) annually in the U.S.

On any given day, about 1 in 25 American hospital patients acquires at least one healthcare-associated infection.

The Cost Of Hospital-Acquired Infections

The cost of treating HAIs is staggering — estimated at over $30 billion each year. Hospital cost is reported at over $15,000 per affected patient. Beyond the financial cost, the terrible impact on patients and communities cannot be measured. Infections complicate treatment, prolong hospital stays, cause higher re-admission rates, result in additional surgery, and cause pain, suffering and death.


In a healthcare setting, many non-critical medical devices as well as some widely used electronics can become contaminated with bacteria and viruses. These items can spread infections and diseases if not properly disinfected.

Conventional Manual Disinfectants

Careful cleaning and disinfection is essential to assure infection prevention and patient safety in hospitals. Unfortunately, traditional manual disinfectants are often sub-optimal when it comes to effective protection against the spread of pathogens.

One issue with manual disinfection methods is that it largely depends on the operator’s consistent and accurate execution of disinfection procedure. Failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions or inconsistent application lowers the efficacy of the traditional disinfection products.

Multiple studies show that traditional methods do not fully penetrate and disinfect hard to reach areas. This results in inconsistent device disinfection and transmission of disease. Traditional manual disinfection products also generate a lot of waste.

Additionally, today’s healthcare industry relies on many electronic devices, such as tablets, computers and other portable electronic equipment. Most of these items cannot be disinfected using liquid or other wet methods of treatment. Wet wipes, mists and sprays can damage sensitive electronic components, leave behind toxic residues, causing skin irritation and other health problems.

Common Problems With Wipes And Sprays

  • Non-uniform coverage and operator inconsistency
  • Premature evaporation (i.e. alcohol wipes)
  • Lack of penetration of disinfectant
  • Commonly resistant to C. diff & multidrug-resistant organisms
  • Over-wetting or water logging
  • Preparation and cleanup time
  • Undesignated areas for application
  • Lack of routine application
  • Lack of documentation

Why GloTran™?

GloTran™ is an automated disinfection system based on cold plasma disinfection technology.

GloTran™ has a great ability to penetrate into hard-to-reach areas and mated surfaces. The gas plasma also removes all residues and detoxifies contaminants. The treatment is dry and cool, safe for many non-critical devices and electronics that cannot be treated with wet or high-temperature disinfection methods. The process is automated and effortless, and delivers consistent results.

How Does GloTran™ Work?


GloTran’s process is based on the following simple steps:

The devices uses electro-magnetic energy
Creates oxidative free-radicals that kill (superior sporicidal activity)
Plasma is the primary means of cleaning away superficial surface residue
Hydrogen peroxide and ionization is the means of inactivating germs
Provides more oxidization potential and more free electrons than almost all other methods.
Process is toxic to micro-organisms, resulting in highly effective reduction of pathogens.


GloTran™ can treat materials in a variety of settings and industries. Its advantages include low temperature, dry treatment environment and automated fast process.

Non-Critical Medical Equipment Disinfection


Any equipment or materials that come into contact with human touch collect a significant pathogenic load. As a result, numerous high-touch clinical items have been widely documented to carry and spread germs. Difficulties in cleaning and disinfection, device complexity, deep crevices and voids, and varying material composition makes it extremely difficult to properly disinfect the various non-critical items in a clinic or hospital. Manual cleaning can also take significant contact time (wet contact time, wiping, and drying steps). It also exposes staff to potentially hazardous chemicals. GloTran™ is effective on most surfaces, including select fabrics and plastics*.


  • Blood pressure cuff (Sphygmomanometer)
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Stethoscope and cases
  • Pulse oximeter, peripheral probe and cable
  • Clippers, tweezers
  • Sequential compression devices
  • Roho cushions
  • CPAP hoses and face mask
  • Goniometers, for measuring range of motion
  • Needle exchange tongs
  • Otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes
  • Reflex hammers
  • Scissors for non-sterile procedures
  • Speculum lights
  • Ultrasound/Doppler probes on intact skin
  • Airflow sensors (sleep lab)
  • Cast cutting blades / saws
  • Diagnostic imaging: mammography paddles, limb props
  • ECG: Electro-cardiogram cables, ECG lead wires
  • Electric razor: razor body and handle
  • Defibrillator paddles
  • Traction devices and patient slings
  • Nurse call buttons
  • Paddles

Preparing Objects For Adhesives & Bonding

All bonded surfaces are likely to be subjected to stress: tensile, shear, compressive, and peeling stressors are less of an issue when the substrates have been properly prepared for bonding. Due to the ability of GloTran™ to clean the surface of residues, adhesion is more successful. Need more surface prep? Settings are available for GloTran™ to surface etch to a variety of specified depths.

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