GE ONI MSK Extreme 1.5T Extremity MRI

MedScan Diagnostic Systems, Inc. is pleased to Provide Refurbished GE ONI MSK Extremity MRI Equipment for Purchase

The GE ONI MSK Extreme 1.5T Extremity MRI is medical imaging equipment that captures high-resolution musculoskeletal images.  Through MedScan’s vast network of service providers we are pleased to sell and service this machine throughout the U.S. and around the world.


Facilities That Use GE/ONI MSK Extreme 1.5 Extremity MRI

Among the clients that purchase the GE/ONI MSK Extreme 1.5 Extremity MRI are hospitals, orthopedic/sports medicine practices, and imaging centers. This MRI provides bright, clear images of your patient's extremities in real-time, quickly and efficiently.

The patient partially reclines in a comfortable, adjustable chair for scanning of soft tissue and cartilage. This portable MRI eliminates the potential of your patients under examination from feeling hemmed in because only the extremity of interest is inside the scanner.

Versatility of this Scanning Device for Extremities

This MRI comes equipped with six transmit/receive RF coils. The 180mm coil is used to record images of the foot, ankle, leg, and knee. The 160mm coil is for medium to small-sized knees and feet and larger-sized elbows and hands. Activate the 145mm coil for images of the foot and ankle images as well as of the elbow of smaller people. The 123mm coil captures views of the hand, wrist, forearm, and elbow. Use the 100mm coil for the hand and wrist.  With a size of 80mm, the sixth coil captures pictures of the hand and wrist. All images are displayed on a monitor for immediate viewing.


Why Acquire this Machine? 

The small footprint of the GE ONI 1.5T conserves space in your clinic and eliminates many of the other higher installation costs associated with larger MRI machines - which translates to savings and added convenience for you and your patients.  If you elect to acquire a ONI 1.0T a shielding cage eliminates the need for installation of additional shielding providing additional savings.

Whether you buy a refurbished GE ONI MSK Extreme 1.5T or 1.0T Extremity MRI from MedScan Diagnostic Systems, Inc. we ensure your satisfaction by providing turn-key services from highly trained field service engineers, many of whom were trained by GE.  These services include site planning, delivery, installation, training and post sales service support through provision of service contract options.

Please contact us to learn more about acquiring and financing refurbished GE ONI 1.5 extremity MRI equipment for your orthopedic imaging requirements.  You can also request a quote by calling (855) 358-6767 or through our website.   We look forward to working with you and adding you to our growing list of satisfied customers!

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