Full Size MRI

MSK Extreme

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Space Requirements
Suite Size: 12 ft x 17 ft (3.7 m x 5.2 m) minimum
floor space

Ergo™ Patient Chair and Ottoman
Type: Manually positioned, free-floating cushioned chair with
lock-in position brakes, adjustable seat and back inclination,
and easily moveable ottoman.
Weight Support: Up to 350-lb (159-kg) patient
Magnet System
Type: Superconducting, passive shims
Field Strength: 1.5T active shield
Fringe Field: 0.5mT line
1.85m axial x 1.15m radial
Helium Capacity: < 60 liters liquid helium
Size: 518mm long, 683mm OD, 285mm ID
Helium Fills: Normally not required
Field Stability: < 0.1 ppm/hr
Magnet Weight: < 745lbs (339kg)
Compressor Weight: 350lbs (159kg)

Gradient System
Strength: 70mT/m
Slew Rate: 200T/m/s

RF Transmit / Receive
Frequency: 63.8 MHz ±500 kHz
RF Power: 2500W peak rms, 75W average
Image BW: Variable 5kHz –118kHz
Preamp Noise Fig: < 0.5dB

RF Coils
180mm RF Coil: The 180mm diameter coil is used for
routine lower extremity imaging of the foot, ankle, leg and
160mm RF Coil: The 160mm diameter coil is a
specialty coil that offers up to a 40% increase in SNR
(signal-noise ratio) for imaging medium- to small-sized knees
and feet and larger-sized elbows and hands.
145mm RF Coil (Optional): The 145mm RF coil is primarily
used for imaging feet and ankles, as well as elbows.
For smaller patients, it can also be used for knee imaging.
123mm RF Coil: The 123mm diameter coil is used for
routine upper extremity imaging of the hand, wrist, forearm
and elbow, and for high-resolution imaging of small feet,
ankles and knees.
100mm RF Coil (Optional): The 100mm RF coil is
used for routine upper extremity imaging of hands and
wrists. It can also be used for imaging elbows on smaller
80mm RF Coil (Optional): The 80mm RF coil is used
for routine imaging of the hands and wrists.
Type: All removable quadrature volume transmit and
receive coils.
Patient Access: All coils are cylindrical in design with
either 180mm, 160mm, 145mm, 123mm, 100mm or 80mm
diameter in the center, flared to 200mm at the patient

Computer System
Host Computer: PC based; Core 2 duo processor,
2.4GHz min; 80GB removable hard drive; 400W power supply
OP System: Windows XP Embedded
Data Storage: DVD-R/W, 9.4GB total (4.7GB each side),
cased type
Display: 19-inch LCD panel
Data Transfer and Handling (HIS/RIS): DICOM 3.0
send/receive and DICOM Worklist
Camera Support: DICOM Print, most popular direct
digital camera protocols
2D < 200 msec/image
3D < .25 sec/plane, 256 x 128 x 64

Imaging Capabilities
Sequences: Spin Echo, Fast Spin Echo, 2D and 3D gradient
Imaging Options: Inversion Recovery, Driven
Equilibrium,predefined protocols, single and double oblique
imaging with use of graphical slice selection, RF Spoiling,
Slice Interleave, Fat Suppression, Min TE, No Phase Wrap,
Partial Data, Spatial Saturation, Flow Compensation,
Magnetization Transfer, Rectangular FOV
FOV: 4cm –16cm, variable in 1 mm increments
Slice Thickness:
2D: 2mm - 10mm, variable in 0.1 mm increments
3D: 0.5mm - 10mm, variable in 0.1 mm increments
2D: Phase and Frequency variable separately in steps of 2
from 64 to 512, and in Z in steps of 1 from 1 to 64.
3D: Phase and Frequency variable separately in steps of 2
from 64 to 512, and in Z in steps of 2 from 8 to 256.
(some multiples of prime numbers not allowed)

Image Review
Features: Auto display, window/level, pan/zoom, multiple
image display, ROI, annotate, measurements, multi-planar
reformat, and simultaneity of scan, reconstruction, image display,
filming, archiving and DICOM transfer

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