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GE Lightspeed VCT 64

Refurbished GE Lightspeed VCT.   The GE LightSpeed VCT is a high image resolution 64-slice CT system. The LightSpeed VCT features 40 mm coverage of patient anatomy per rotation and 64 slices at 0.625 mm. The LightSpeed VCT offers 5-beat cardiac covering 137.5 mm per second. The high image resolution and acquisition speed is ideal for angiography, cardiac, neuro, pediatric, pulmonary, and trauma when freezing of cardiovascular motion, pure arterial phase imaging, and superior Multiplanar reformats are key. LightSpeed VCT Volume CT 64-slice system Vendor: GE Healthcare System Features General description: Covers 4 cm of patient anatomy per rotation, gathering 64 slices at 0.625 mm. Special features: 5-Beat Cardiac, covers 137.5 mm per second.

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Siemens RS SOMATOM Sensation 16 CT Scan

  • 420ms rotation time
    • >700 slices in 20s breathhold
    • Max. 100 seconds spiral duration
    • Down to 105ms temporal resolution with HeartView (option)
    • 30 lp/cm spatial resolution

Contrast detectability:

  • 5mm/3HU/19mGy/180mAs low contrast detectability
    • 6 slices/s image reconstruction time
    • 60 kW generator
    • 5.3 MHU tube
    • SureView™ spiral reconstruction: flexible pitch, optimal image quality and low patient dose
    • syngoVRT, CARE Dose, CARE Bolus, CT Angiography and 3D Display

Siemens RS SOMATOM Sensation 4 CT Scan

  • 500ms rotation time
    • >160 slices in 20s breathhold
    • 100 seconds spiral time
    • 125 ms temporal resolution
    • 30 lp/cm spatial resolution

Contrast detectability:

  • 5mm/3HU/17mGy/120mAs low contrast detectability
    • 1.5 slices/s image reconstruction time
    • 60 kW generator
    • 5.3 MHU tube
    • syngo user interface

Philips Brilliance 16 Slice

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